Domestic Machines

Saito SA393

Available in hand or electric operation, this machine is a special kind of machine with single curved needle and single-thread chain traces. Its widely used in positions of sleeve cuff, trousers cuff, glove tube edge and sock tube of various fabrics, such as knitwear, cotton textiles, woolen as well as chemical fiber etc. They are sewn in single-thread chain overlock trace and the stitch trace on the surface of clothes invisibly, so this kind of thread trace is called blind stitch, which can keep clothes looking beautiful. Equipped with skip stitch apparatus, model 500 overlocking machine not only can sew general overlock trace but also can se skip stitch trace.


• 4-step buttonhole stitch and 24 patterns

• Sturdy but light aluminium housing

• Flat sewing table

• Big needle plate with guidelines

• Metal hook cover

• Plastic folding carry handle

• Single-hand thread trimmer

Saito SA1809


• Sturdy but light aluminium housing

• 9 Stitch Patterns

• Oscillating Hook

• Vertical Front-Load Bobbin System

• Vertical Spool Pin

• 4-Step Buttonhole

• Built-in Tension with Accurate Setting

• Adjustable Stitch Length 0-4.2mm

• With Darning Plate for Embroidery

• Thread Cutter

• Automatic Bobbin Winder

• Reverse Lever

• Fold Away Carrying Handle

• Free Arm Light Weight

• One Touch Snap-on Foot

• Strong Torque For Heavy Fabric

Saito SA1824

24 Stitch Domestic Sewing Machine


• Adjustable stitch length

• Double height press foot

• Needle position at mid or left

• Adjustable dial for thread tension

• Feed dog dropping

• Shuttle hook system

• Removal extension table with storage

• Thread chain trimmer

• Foldable plastic handle

• Free arm for accessories storage

• Fast changing press foot

• Needle plate with guide lines

• Manual lever reverse function

• Built-in lamp

• Power switch

• Built-in CE/UL motor (70W+15W for lamp)

• Standard accessories and zipper and blind hem feet included

• Foot controller included

• Soft PVC machine cover included

Saito SA1832


• 32 Stitch Patterns

• Oscillating Hook

• Horizontal Spool Pin

• Thread Cutter

• Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment

• Adjustable Stitch Length 0-4.0mm

• Adjustable Stitch Width 0-5.0mm

• Upper Thread Tension Adjustment

• Automatic Bobbin Winder

• Reverse Sewing Lever

• Fold Away Carrying Handle

• Free Arm Light Weight

• One Touch Snap-on Foot

Saito SAJA2

For embroidery and sewing various kinds of light and heavy fabrics. Operated not only with foot pedal, but also with a handle. Mini motor and case are available for your option.


• Automatic bobbin winder

• Variable stitch length control

• Forward and reverse

• Numbered tension dial

• Hand, treadle and motor options

• Fits carry case or cabinet


Saito SA14u554AD

Smart appearance and stitches. Easy to operate. Differential feed ratio can be adjusted can be adjusted easily from the side of the machine. Accessory box is built in the machine. Changing presser foot button Stitch Length Dial Differential feed adjusting lever knob Seam width tiger knob.


• Adjustable press foot pressure

• Superior Quality Overlocker With Differential Feed and Free Arm

• Differential feed for perfect sewing, eliminates puckering or stretching

• Tension release assures accurate thread placement in tension discs

• Stitch Functions up to 4 threads

• Easy fast looper threading

• Colour coded for threading

• Snap on presser foot

• Thread chain trimmer

• Heavy duty cutting system

• Easy rolled hems

• Flatlock using 2 thread or 3 thread

• Gathering

• Decorative stitch functions with variety of thread combinations

• Free arm for sewing tubular items

• Built in accessory storage

• Soft PVC machine cover included

Saito SA747/SA757

Suitable for overlocking and overedging workpieces of light and medium-weight materials. Low sewing tension, neat and beautiful stitch even running with high speed. Auto lubrication and excellent performance. Complete with table, motor and stand.


• No.of needles :2

• No. of threads: 5

• Needle gauge :3mm

• Stitch width :5mm

• Stitch length :3.6mm

• Differential ratio :0.7-2

• Height of presser foot:5.5mm

• Needle :DCx27 #11-#18

• Motor :3450 r.p.m. clutch motor

• Sewing speed :7500 s.p.m.

• Measurments :470xx330x485

• Weight :34/32kg

Industrial Machines

Saito Coverseam SA31016

This machine can meet high quality and diverse seaming requirements. Plain seaming, with adoption of the forced-feed oil-return system at the needle bar, the oil of the needle bar mechanism can be controlled effectively, and in this way oil leakage will never happen. The upper and lower silicon oil system prevents the needle from overheating, and also avoids thread breakage.


Saito ZigZag SA20U33

The machine is suitable for straight seaming, zigzag, embroidery, abutted bar tacking, over-edge seaming, zipper inserting seaming, wrapped around seaming, pattern seaming on thin and medium fabrics. The needle position can be adjusted between the right and the left, to form beautiful, decorative designs. The machine adopts built-in thread winder, backward feeding mechanism.


• Needle position can be adjusted between the right and left

• to make beautiful decorative designs

• Adopts built-in thread winder and has a reverse-needle device

• 9mm zigzag stitch width on 20u33, 12mm zigzag stitch width on 20u43

• Complete with table, motor and stand

Saito Walking Foot SA0302

It is a flat-bed style machine, It adopts link take-up and rotating hook to from stitch 301, and can sew very heavy material with neat and beautiful stitches, low noise, easy maintenance, and minimum difference in stitch length between forward and reverse feed with top and bottom feed system and foot alternating lift. Complete with table, motor and stand.


• 2000 stitches per minute

• Stitch length of 1 to 8mm

• Large capacity bobbin

• Foot lift 7mm by hand

• 13mm by knee

• Needle type 135x17

• 13435lr for leather

• Oil pump lubrication system

• Easy access stitch length

• Reverse

• This machine sews materials up to 3/8 thick using the correct

• needle type and size and the correct thread

Saito Straight SA5550

A new generation model designed for a quiet and smooth performance, the machine delivers improved seam quality, reliability and beautiful seam, and the operation area is wider. This machine is characterised by heavy-duty operation through its auto-lubrication system. The proper normal and reverse feeding mechanism makes the sewing on thin material without crinkle and on thick material without breaking thread during high speed sewing. This machine is ideal for the Home or Business. It can be used for Alterations, Curtains, dresses etc. Comes complete with table stand and spare bobbins, needles, instruction book and accessories.


• 5000 Stitches per min

• Auto Lubrication

• Reverse

• Knee foot lifter

• 16x231 Needle system

• Standard feet

• Bobbin winder

• Thread stand

• 1/2 Hp motor

• 400watt motor

• 220volts single phase

• This machine can be fitted with a silent servo clutchless motor. This motor can reduce power comsumption by 60-70%.


Saito SA3

It is available for cutting materials such as cotton, woollens, linen, silk, chemical fibre, and leather etc. Having features of concentrated lubrication, neat cutting section, and small curvilinear cutting, This machine is an ideal cutting tool for the garment industry.


• Low noise.

• Stable running.

• Easy operation.

• High efficiency automatic knife grinding.

• Powerful motor.

• Cutting capacity: 110 160 210 260

• Knife: 6” 8” 10” 12”

• Frequency: 50/60 HZ